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CEO, Briggs Equipment UK

“Kate worked with my business over a period of 18 months. Through delivery of a Leadership development programme she not only provided direction and clarity for us in focusing our key performance areas, she has helped to make us aware of aspects of employee behaviour using models and tasks which made learning easier to pick up and retain.

This has helped me and my management team have a clear vision of where the business is moving to and how it will get there and also understand why people or teams may be behaving the way they are, which allows us to tailor our approach accordingly.

She has worked well with my management team, providing coaching and support, helping them to develop not only themselves, but their teams and thus the business effectively.

She is not afraid to challenge the status quo and gives a balanced perspective on issues. She has brought a wealth of expertise and tailored it to give us solutions to our people development.”


MD, Manufacturing company

“The Ripple Concept Ltd was selected to facilitate a two day sales team workshop which involved 12 attendees.

The preparation and execution of the event by Kate was excellent and met all objectives that were identified and agreed at an initial meeting. The content of the workshop was relevant and encouraged attendees to take a hard look at themselves as a team and discuss issues, generate ideas and come up with workable solutions.

The interaction between Kate and the team was impressive and ensured that they felt comfortable in making the most of the sessions.”    


Nigel Hills, Regional Lead Asylum  

“Kate undertook work for the Home Office for over 7 months. The original intention was that Kate’s contract would be for 3 months, but following her contribution to the business, I negotiated an extension to cover further high priority work. 

Kate’s original remit was to undertake a Strand Trainer role to facilitate a newly introduced Foundation Programme for middle managers. This entailed Kate ensuring understanding of technical, organisational and legislative requirements over 55 days. This comprised a variety of inputs which Kate facilitated to include soft skills training, workbook led learning, attendance at Asylum and Immigration Tribunals, and on line testing and a 3 day pre-Assessment School entailing CCTV and partnership working with barristers. The Foundation Programme culminated in a challenging 2 day Assessment School which Kate organised. Due to her professional and proactive approach all her delegates passed. 

Following Kate’s success as Strand Trainer for this high profile and innovative training, I had no hesitation in recommending Kate to facilitate similar shorter programmes for several intakes of administrative staff over approximately 3 months. 

Throughout the time I have worked with Kate, she has delivered to time, cost and quality.  She has remained flexible and very positive.  Very pleased with her contribution to the business. “


Peter Fanning, HR Director

“At the time I met Kate, we were seeking to develop and implement a management development programme in the business on leadership and cultural change. The programme that was developed consisted of a blended learning approach, with a good balance between classroom and task based outdoor activities. This approach was specifically designed to develop both the individual and create a real team ethos across the different departments within the business.

Kate’s attention to detail is excellent and her ability to gain an understanding of the business and individual needs quickly, ensured a highly successful programme.

As Human Resources Director, I was delighted with the outcomes from the programme and also the follow-up Kate provided to all the individuals who attended the programme. This included management development advice for the business and individual coaching for both senior and junior managers.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Kate and would certainly engage her again if the need arose.”



“Ripple” (n) - a process in which a trend or situation spreads outwards from its initial location to affect areas distant from it