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Solutions :

  • Do you know what your business is there to do?
  • Is your business structured effectively?
  • Do you and your employees know exactly what they are there to do?
  • We facilitate teams to identify and develop business strategy and performance objectives, including building and using competency frameworks

  • Have you got the right people in the ‘right’ place doing the ‘right’ thing?
  • We identify organisational and individual’s skills improvement needs with subsequent development of strategy to deliver those requirements

    We identify and implement talent management strategies, including use of development and assessment tools.

  • Success is usually team-based. Are your teams working together effectively?
  • We facilitate and develop team awareness and effectiveness using a range of recognised tools including Myers Briggs, Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI), 360˚ feedback, Belbin, teambuilding workshops and programmes.


  • Are your leaders and managers working at their full potential?
  • We develop and facilitate bespoke management workshops such as Leadership Skills, Effective Management Controls, Impact and Influence, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership Through Teamwork, Problem Solving Disciplines, Communication Skills


We can offer solutions through the following :

· Executive and Management coaching

· Change Management expertise

· Training and development expertise

· Guidance and practical support on the development of training teams and individuals 

· HR expertise

· Training packages


“Ripple” (n) - a process in which a trend or situation spreads outwards from its initial location to affect areas distant from it